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NASA selected Blue Moon as the second human lunar lander for Artemis—which is awesome!—yet the budget outlook for the next few years is…not good. I think through what NASA can,… [...]

Live from the Redwire booth at Space Symposium 2023! I discuss the business and finance side of spaceflight, with Caleb Henry (Quilty Space), Peter Beck (Rocket Lab), and Jonathan Baliff… [...]

Live from the Redwire booth at Space Symposium 2023! I discuss the commercialization effort of LEO and the Moon with Angela T. Hart (Manager, Commercial Low Earth Orbit Program Office,… [...]

Live from the Redwire booth at Space Symposium 2023! I discuss news, announcements, and happenings from the conference, then talk with a trio of drop-in guests: Sean Bedford (Director of… [...]

Live from the Redwire booth at Space Symposium 2023! I discuss current space policy topics with Lori Garver (former Deputy Administrator of NASA), and Karina Drees (President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation).This… [...]

Live from the Redwire booth at Space Symposium 2023! I talk about the state and future of international partnerships in space with Mike Gold (Chief Growth Officer, Redwire) Masami Onoda… [...]

Starship finally(?) flew its first test flight! Jake Robins of Off-Nominal joins me to sort through our thoughts on how it went (it was janky), what’s next for Starship, and… [...]

After an unsuccessful first flight of Terran 1, Relativity has announced that they’ve moved on to a newly-redesigned Terran R. Overall I think this a good direction, but there are… [...]

Stefan Powell, CEO of Dawn Aerospace, joins me to talk about their big news announced today: last week, they completed three rocket-powered flights of their Mk-II Aurora spaceplane in 3… [...]

I share some big news about MECO and Off-Nominal live at Space Symposium 2023, and then dive into some recent launch stories: Relativity’s first flight of Terran 1, and Virgin… [...]

Casey Dreier of The Planetary Society joins me to talk about the NASA FY2024 budget request and what it means for Artemis, the ISS, and planetary science.Correction: At some point… [...]

Eric Berger has three sources saying United Launch Alliance is being shopped around the market right now, so I kick around some thoughts on who may buy ULA, if an… [...]

The Space Force rolled out the draft RFP for Phase 3 of the National Security Space Launch program, and it looks pretty good! Elsewhere, NASA selected New Glenn to launch… [...]

Lori Garver, former NASA Deputy Administrator, joins me to talk about a whole host of space policy topics, including Artemis and lunar politics, the legacies of Commercial Cargo and Crew,… [...]

Caleb Henry of Quilty Analytics and I took a trip down to Wallops Island to watch Rocket Lab’s first Electron launch from the US. Listen to our conversation on the… [...]

Virgin Orbit’s first launch from the UK ended in failure, putting them in an even more precarious financial position. And on the other side of the North Pole, ABL’s first… [...]

SpaceX rolled out Starshield, a new, Starlink-inspired (derived?) offering for national security space systems. And I have some thoughts on the upcoming National Security Space Launch Phase 3 contracting setup.This… [...]

Casey Dreier of The Planetary Society joins me to talk about Artemis I, where the Artemis program goes from here, and what the 2022 midterm elections mean for space.This episode… [...]

The crew of Polaris Dawn—Scott “Kidd” Poteet, Sarah Gillis, and Anna Menon—join me to talk about the mission and its operations, their preparation and training so far, how their roles… [...]

Jared Isaacman of the Polaris Program joins me to talk about how the program began, how it’s envisioned, how they choose what to take on and solve, how they interact… [...]

Last week, I took a visit to Pittsburgh to visit Astrobotic, who is working on a few different landers and rovers destined for the Moon. I got to sit down… [...]

In the wake of Axiom-1, NASA has revised the requirements for future Private Astronaut Missions. It seems to put pressure on the market to focus on a certain customer base,… [...]

Bob Pearce, Associate Administrator of NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, joins me to talk about Aeronautics at NASA. We talk about how the directorate fits into the agency overall, how… [...]

Richard Parker, Head of Space at Canopius, and John Farnsworth, insurance broker and space advocate, join me to talk about the (seemingly) most mysterious topic in spaceflight: insurance!This episode of… [...]

Artemis I scrubbed its way through its first and second launch attempts, and is now undergoing repairs on the pad, ahead of its next launch attempt. I talk about the… [...]

Jonathan Barlow from the NASA Ames Research Center joins me to talk about Astrobee—the free-flying robots on the International Space Station that test new technologies, sensors, and operations, and assist… [...]

Northrop Grumman and Firefly announced a partnership to develop a new first stage for Antares—the same first stage that will power Firefly’s larger launch vehicle, Beta. It’s a great partnership… [...]

Mike Loucks and John Carrico of Space Exploration Engineering join me to talk about astrogation, mission planning, missions they’ve worked on, how they interact with teams of all types, and… [...]

Rick Mastracchio, former NASA astronaut and current Director Of Business Development at Northrop Grumman Space Systems, joins me to talk about Northrop Grumman’s Commercial Space Station concept that they are… [...]

NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services program is in a tricky spot right now. VIPER has been delayed a year, new task orders are being awarded to new teams like the… [...]

Some thoughts on where we are now that Dmitry Rogozin has been dismissed as head of Roscosmos, and that NASA and Roscosmos have signed a seat exchange agreement for future… [...]

Our good friend Jake Robins, host of WeMartians and my cohost on Off-Nominal, joins me to talk about Psyche missing its launch window, the state of the SIMPLEx program, its… [...]

Eric Berger of Ars Technica joins me to talk about the Artemis Program’s space suits, expensive launch sites, maybe-cheaper-but-at-least-not-as-delayed launch sites, vehicles, and its manifest over the next decade. Plus,… [...]

SpaceX’s plans for launching Starship to orbit from Boca Chica cleared an environmental review with the FAA, but more than 75 mitigations are required in order to receive a launch… [...]

Boeing completed Starliner’s long-awaited Orbital Flight Test-2 mission to the ISS, but about a week after landing, NASA announced its intent to buy more Dragon flights from SpaceX.This episode of… [...]

Mike Gold, Executive Vice President of Civil Space Business Development and External Affairs at Redwire, joins me to talk about his previous role at NASA, where he served as Associate… [...]

Brent Sherwood, Senior Vice President of Advanced Development Programs for Blue Origin, joins me to talk about Orbital Reef. We talk about the long history leading up to this architecture,… [...]

Brad Cheetham, co-founder, CEO, and President of Advanced Space joins me to talk about their upcoming CAPSTONE mission. We talk about how the mission came to be, what it’s been… [...]

Andrew Maximov, founder of Precious Payload, joins me to talk about what he and his team have been working on, what they see as the missing pieces in the industry,… [...]

Amazon is purchasing up to 83 launches from Arianespace, Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance—in addition to the 9 Atlas V launches they bought last year—to deploy their Project Kuiper… [...]

The White House has finally submitted its fiscal year 2023 budget request, which has big implications for NASA’s Commercial LEO program, and their newest announcement, the upcoming Sustaining Lunar Development… [...]

A follow-up on my last show with Debra Werner about the war in Ukraine and all the fallout from it, both political and industrial. Everything from the NASA budgets for… [...]

Debra Werner of SpaceNews joins me to talk about Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the ways that it is affecting the space industry, how their last invasion had similar effects,… [...]

A special feature of a very-MECO episode of my other podcast, Off-Nominal, that I did this week with Michael Sheetz of CNBC and Eric Berger of Ars Technica. If you… [...]

Jared Isaacman, commander of Inspiration4, announced the Polaris Program—a privately-funded development program to “rapidly advance human spaceflight capabilities” via flights on SpaceX’s Dragon and Starship vehicles. It begins with a… [...]

Eric Berger of Ars Technica joins me to talk about what’s on our radar in 2022, to predict when the big new rockets will fly, and to generally catch up… [...]

Last week I left my full-time gig at Big Cartel. I’m going independent to do more Main Engine Cut Off and Off-Nominal, and to make these space-focused projects the primary… [...]

Phil McAlister, Director of Commercial Spaceflight at NASA, joins me to talk about the history of and lessons learned from the Commercial Cargo and Crew programs, what things went well… [...]

Bill Spetch, Manager of the ISS Vehicle Office at NASA, joins me to discuss the operational considerations of docking and berthing ports on the International Space Station, the recent traffic… [...]

Marshall Smith, Senior Vice President of Space Systems of Nanoracks, joins me to talk about Starlab, their commercial space station which recently won a contract award from NASA as part… [...]

Black Ops is our bi-monthly appointment with space geopolitics. This new series sees as visitor guest Dr. Namrata Goswami in dialogue with chief editor Dr. Emma Gatti.  Read more » [...]

The Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (RIIS) and the Rwanda Space Agency (RSA) hosted a multi-stakeholder workshop in Rwanda in support of the space agency’s drive to harness emerging… [...]

Ian Annett, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the UK Space Agency, has announced he will leave his role and the Civil Service at the end of August, after more than… [...]

EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, announced on the 5th of June that they are joining AgGateway, a global, non-profit organisation, with the purpose of… [...]

Speedcast and OneWeb have jointly announced the launch of OneWeb’s maritime LEO connectivity service. Following successful engineering trials, OneWeb’s maritime terminals have been installed on the RV Polarstern, in partnership… [...]

Business Wire reported on the 5th of June that Momentus, a US commercial space company offering orbital transportation and in-space infrastructure services, has signed an agreement with Apogeo Space to… [...]

OneWeb has announced that it is launching its “Try Before You Buy” maritime service. The service will take bookings from maritime users who want to benefit from OneWeb’s 100mbps+ enterprise-grade… [...]

Kymeta and OneWeb have announced that Kymeta’s electronically-steered Peregrine u8 LEO terminal is now commercially available and will begin shipping. As a result, the Company becomes the first flat panel… [...]

Thales Alenia Space will partner with Serco, the leader of the consortium that the European Space Agency (ESA) awarded to implement the DestinE Core Service Platform (DESP), a key element… [...]

In this episode, join Anousheh Ansari, a space entrepreneur and the first Iranian, self-funded woman to fly to the International Space Station, as she discusses her journey in the space… [...]

Co-principal investigator for a neuroscience experiment launching to the space station soon walks us through the goals of the experiment and how it might benefit patients back on Earth. HWHAP… [...]

Three NASA human research experts discuss CIPHER, the first study integrating multiple physiological and psychological measures to assess how extended durations in space change the human body. HWHAP Episode 290. [...]

The Principal Investigator for NASA’s Lucy mission discusses the spacecraft’s 12-year journey to eight different asteroids as we look to better understand the formation of our solar system. HWHAP Episode… [...]

Artemis II lead flight directors walk us through what was learned from Artemis I and what we are doing right now in Mission Control to prepare for Artemis II and… [...]

A NASA expert details an upcoming space station study conducted during a spacewalk to better understand potential contaminants for future human exploration of the Moon and Mars. HWHAP Episode 287. [...]

Former NASA chief historian discusses his new e-book that shares some of the most significant moments and programs from NASA’s entire history. HWHAP Episode 286. [...]

Experts share the preparations and excitement ahead of the OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample that is returning to Earth in September 2023. HWHAP Episode 285. [...]

Learn about a student-built experiment that recently made its way to the International Space Station. HWHAP Episode 284. [...]

The Artemis II astronauts discuss their past, present, and what they are looking forward to on their future mission to the Moon. HWHAP Episode 283. [...]

Battery Technical Discipline lead at NASA’s Johnson Space Center discusses how a safety device he co-invented while at NASA for spaceflight impacts the entire battery industry. HWHAP Episode 282. [...]

Experts from NASA’s Mars Architecture Team gather to discuss the mechanics of returning the first astronauts from the surface of Mars back home to Earth. HWHAP Episode 281. [...]

Hear from a spacesuit systems engineer who explains what will be needed in the design and operation of a spacesuit on the Red Planet. HWHAP Episode 280. [...]

A NASA planetary geologist describes the Mars environment, terrain, weather, atmosphere, and more that humans will face while living on the Red Planet. HWHAP Episode 279. [...]

Entry, descent, and landing experts at NASA unfold what it will take to accomplish a successful landing for humans visiting the Red Planet. HWHAP Episode 278. [...]

Hear from the Crew-6 cadre ahead of their launch to the International Space Station. HWHAP Episode 277. [...]

Scientists at NASA’s Johnson Space Center share what it will take for humans to live on a multi-year journey to, on, and from Mars. HWHAP Episode 276. [...]

Hear from NASA’s lead scientist of advanced food technology who explains the meal plan for a journey to the Red Planet. HWHAP Episode 275. [...]

Hear from a scientist who describes the complexities and innovative strategies needed to pack for a human mission to Mars. HWHAP Episode 274. [...]

What kind of spacecraft is needed to transport humans between Earth and Mars? Hear from a NASA engineer who describes the vehicle design to support astronauts on the journey through… [...]

Hear from a NASA aerospace engineer who lays out the challenges and needs for humans to make the journey to and from the Red Planet. HWHAP Episode 272. [...]

Hear from a NASA program executive to learn how crazy concepts from science fiction might just find their way into how we plan for future deep space missions to Mars.… [...]

Hear from a Mars planning expert at NASA’s Johnson Space Center to learn more about what it will take to pull off a successful human mission to the Red Planet.… [...]

Find out about the NASA research into preventing decompression sickness for astronauts who will walk on the Moon in future Artemis missions. HWHAP Episode 269. [...]

Learn how you can explore Moon rocks virtually with the Astromaterials 3D project. HWHAP Episode 268. [...]

Apollo 17 astronaut Dr. Harrison “Jack” Schmitt reflects on his historic mission 50 years later and where we are now and what's exciting about Artemis from the view of a… [...]

Lunar Seismologist Dr. Ceri Nunn joins us from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California to talk about moonquakes and why studying seismic activity on the Moon is important for the… [...]

Set to reach lunar orbit on Nov. 13, learn how CAPSTONE will help pave the way for future Artemis missions and Gateway, the Moon’s orbiting space station. HWHAP Episode 265. [...]

Flown on the International Space Station in February, learn how the NanoSat Atmospheric Chemistry Hyperspectral Observation System (NACHOS) could eventually make it easier to monitor volcanic activity and air quality… [...]

The human body can adapt to function in reduced levels of gravity, but not without some help. Learn how NASA's Neuroscience Lab is finding ways to help future astronauts be… [...]

Joining us directly from the International Space Station, NASA Astronaut Frank Rubio reflects on his recent launch into space and his first days on station. HWHAP Episode 262. [...]

Four of NASA’s newest flight directors discuss their new role at NASA, their journey to where they are now, and how their expertise will be critical in humanity’s return to… [...]

Joining us from NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory, Dr. Robert Green and Dr. David Thompson discuss how the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source investigation on the International Space Station is helping… [...]

The Crew-5 astronauts discuss their individual journeys that brought them together on the upcoming fifth crew rotation of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. HWHAP Episode 259. [...]

Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul and Dr. Rob Ferl discuss how their latest discovery of plant growth in lunar soil just may change the future of spaceflight as we know it. HWHAP… [...]

Dr. Nathan Lundblad and Dr. Jason Williams discuss the importance of the Cold Atom Laboratory on the International Space Station, where NASA's Biological & Physical Sciences Division out of NASA's… [...]

Janet Petro reflects on her first year as the director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. HWHAP Episode 256. [...]

Nujoud Merancy discusses the planning and considerations needed to design an Artemis mission to the Moon. HWHAP Episode 255. [...]

Mike Kincaid reviews the many different ways that students and teachers can get involved with NASA throughout the school year and ahead of Artemis I. HWHAP Episode 254. [...]

Danny Glavin reviews a breakthrough research technique that may help us better understand how life on Earth began. HWHAP Episode 253. [...]

The Houston We Have a Podcast team picks their favorite episodes after completing the podcast’s fifth year. HWHAP Episode 252. [...]

Courtney Black describes the amateur radio program that connects astronauts in space to people and students around the globe. HWHAP Episode 251. [...]

Vanessa Wyche reflects on her first year as the director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. HWHAP Episode 250. [...]

Dr. Scott Dulchavsky and Dr. Dan Siegal reflect on research aboard the International Space Station that has improved ultrasound training and access worldwide. HWHAP Episode 249. [...]

David Blewett details a mission to investigate the mysterious lunar swirls. HWHAP Episode 248. [...]

Lara Kearney explains the goals of a new program at NASA that is working with industry and international partners on future spacesuits and rovers. HWHAP Episode 247. [...]

Juliane Gross and Cindy Evans describe opening a vacuum-sealed lunar sample that has been preserved for nearly 50 years. HWHAP Episode 246. [...]

Mark Vande Hei reflects on his recent 355 days in space. HWHAP Episode 245. [...]

Amy Comeau details the second uncrewed flight test of the Boeing Starliner crew spacecraft. HWHAP Episode 244. [...]

Rajiv Gupta and Keith Gendreau describe a capability used to look at neutron stars that is being tested to improve medical technology. HWHAP Episode 243. [...]

Pamela Clark and Cliff Brambora describe a satellite to be deployed on the Artemis I mission that may better map lunar ices. HWHAP Episode 242. [...]

Fifty-six spot beams, 25 countries, and 600 million people – with even more performance and capacity on the horizon. These are the numbers supported by next-gen satellite operator, Kacific, in… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast we’ll discuss space sustainability, what it means and how it is changing. During this episode, Dr. Brian Weeden, Director of Program Planning, Secure World Foundation will… [...]

We know that we can use satellite earth observation technology to better understand our world – but now it seems possible to leverage satellites to maximize operational efficiency across multiple… [...]

In the past satellites have often been viewed by telecom service providers as a last resort of transport. As satellite looks to move from being a niche application that holds… [...]

With billions of new devices coming online, satellite and network connectivity will become increasingly more complex and our expectations more demanding. In this episode of Constellations, we will look at… [...]

Digitally transformative technologies have been making their way across the satellite industry. From the core to gateways, in orbit and on the ground – there’s no denying that space communications… [...]

On the Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss how the government can pivot and adjust in the way it procures defense technology.  During this episode, Colonel Michelle Idle, the Mobilization Assistant to… [...]

On today’s Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss emerging business and technology trends in Earth observation.  With us today is Aravind Ravichandran, founder of TerraWatch Space, a company devoted to providing insight… [...]

When satellites are 500 miles from their antennas, and aircraft are traveling at over 500 miles per hour, it is difficult to fathom ways to provide faster speeds and more… [...]

Guillaume Tanier, CEO and Co-founder of Leanspace, joined Constellations to discuss the benefits of software for space and satellite operations. Hear Mr. Tanier discuss the digitalization of the satellite ground… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll cover a lot of territory... from space to the ground. Our guest today is Sita Sonty, Partner and Associate Director at Boston Consulting Group and… [...]

5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks predicted to have more than 1.2 billion connections and cover one-third of the world’s population by 2025. The impact on… [...]

On this episode of the Constellations Podcast, we’ll learn about the differences between OneWeb and OneWeb Technologies.  Kevin Steen, CEO of OneWeb Technologies, will discuss how demand for broadband connectivity… [...]

The satellite industry has gone through tremendous innovation over the last few years with the emergence of software-defined payloads and LEO and MEO constellations. These new satellite architectures bring much… [...]

In this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the need for more terminals to be interoperable, including working on different frequency bands, different orbits, and different types of constellations. How the need… [...]

On the Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss emerging direct satellite-to-cell phone technology and how it could dramatically alter the relationship between satellite and terrestrial networks. With us today is Chris Quilty,… [...]

Imagine being able to download a full-length high-definition movie to your phone in seconds even when you’re in a car, ship or plane in remote and rural areas. That is… [...]

On the Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the most recent development in the integration of satellite and terrestrial networks – direct satellite to smart phone communications! Soon, someone with no cellular… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the impact a growing number of lunar missions, like NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration program, will have on the satellite and space sector, especially the… [...]

There are a number of companies introducing quantum key distribution for secure communications across optical fiber networks but the technology has yet to be applied across a constellation of small… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the growing interest and investments surrounding today’s space efforts, particularly cislunar space. NASA is leading the forefront of this initiative and will soon launch… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the first anniversary of STARCOM. Major General Shawn Bratton, Commander, Space Training and Readiness Command of the United States Space Force explains STARCOM and… [...]

On the Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss how the Space Development Agency (SDA) is accelerating the development of space-based capabilities for the warfighter. The SDA is accelerating capabilities with spiral development,… [...]

Real-time video collaboration is a given in our day-to-day lives here on Earth, but how about in deep space?  On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll talk about how deep space video… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the emerging dual-use technologies coming from the commercial space market and what to consider when making investments in these technologies. Joining us today is… [...]

There are still many places in the world that have little to no access to the Internet. In Alaska, an estimated 40,000 rural households are disadvantaged in access to healthcare,… [...]

On the Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the growth of LEO and how it is supporting a void 5G was meant to fill. In this episode, Bill Ray, VP Analyst for… [...]

On the Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss how satellite communications are being impacted by the introduction of laser terminals for ground, air, and space. Radio frequency (RF)-based communications have been the… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the business of being an end-to-end spacecraft company. A lot of the actual hardware being deployed in smallsats, had its start in ground-based IT,… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the entire ecosystem of capabilities in space and envisioning how one might use those capabilities in new and novel ways. Dr. Costa describes the… [...]

On the Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the vast amount of debris now in space and how space companies are mitigating this problem through autonomous avoidance services. Dual-use technologies are becoming… [...]

In this Constellations Podcast, we'll examine the growing impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having on LEO constellations and how they can help satellites understand what they can and cannot do… [...]

The satellite industry makes up 1% of the much larger global telecommunications market. There is a huge growth opportunity for satellite service providers to gain a larger share of the… [...]

The concept of intellectual property is complex but critical to foster innovation in all industries. But how does it work in space? In such a booming industry, how is new… [...]

On the Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the concept of space as a service, the technology of 3D printed satellites, and the process and challenges of spectrum licensing. Similar to “software-as-a-service”… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss how NASA is looking to work with industry and adopt commercial solutions that support their infrastructure for near-earth operations. We will learn about the… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we're going to talk about being an entrepreneur and what tools are available for those unique individuals who want to develop a business relationship with the… [...]

On today’s podcast, we'll go beyond the world of satellites and explore the potential of High Altitude Platforms or HAPs, uncrewed stratospheric, long duration telecommunications platforms designed to provide mobile… [...]

On today’s podcast, we'll go beyond our solar system and discuss how newer mini satellites and alternative business models can bring exoplanets scientific research to a much broader audience at… [...]

In this Constellations Podcast, we’ll talk about the emergence of software-defined-satellites and the massive growth opportunity being driven by the need for more flexibility in the market. Software-defined satellites are… [...]

In the Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the global space economy and how it is affecting investments in the space industry. Access to space is starting to move beyond traditional use… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the benefits of open standards. During this episode, Constellations has brought together a panel of three to discuss standards and how they will improve… [...]

In this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss the evolution of internet in space as it moves from utilizing government infrastructure to utilizing modern commercial infrastructure. Increased commercial technology has made space… [...]

In this Constellations Podcast, we’ll discuss how earth orbits are becoming more crowded due to greater accessibility for all. As more rockets, more satellites, more ground stations and more components… [...]

In this Constellations Podcast, we are joined by Bill Joo, Special Projects Engineer at the U.S. Navy. Mr. Joo has over 25 years of experience in software-defined radios, and was… [...]

In this Constellations Podcast we are joined by Carissa Christensen, CEO and Founder of Bryce Tech, a leading aerospace and emerging markets consultancy and the publisher of multiple space tech-related… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast, we’ll talk about the exponential growth of Non-Geostationary-Orbit (NGSO) satellite constellations, their commercial and go-to-market plans, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in realizing… [...]

On this Constellations Podcast learn how a Hollywood visual effects company is now helping satellite operations to visualize data.  Listen to Tim McBride, President of Zoic Labs, describe how his… [...]

In previous episodes of Constellations Podcast, we’ve discussed a broad range of topics, among them space law, space sustainability, and on-orbit servicing.  Today we’re going to see how these are… [...]

Navigating the divide between military requirements and commercial resources is a challenging hurdle in the space industry. The demand for greater space accessibility as a whole and the drivers influencing… [...]