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    Posted by Will Lewis on September 11, 2022 at 6:57 pm

    The Satellite Division released a draft Report & Order in the orbital debris proceeding focused on establishing a 5 year post-mission disposal requirement for LEO based space stations. I’ve attached the draft here and below is a brief synopsis of the potential regulatory and operational impacts:

    • The 5 year Post-Mission Disposal requirement will apply to new licensees and existing applicants with authorized satellites to be launched after September 29, 2024

    • The FCC will consider waivers for scientific, research and government missions

    • Pending applications will be processed consistent with the current rules but any space stations that would exceed the five year limit must be launched prior to 9/29/24

    • The Commission will consider waivers requesting additional time for systems with existing authorizations

    • The PMD requirement will apply to any system that has ends their mission below 2000 km and plans to dispose through uncontrolled reentry

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